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7 Sarong Styles To Spruce Up Your Beachwear

Nov 16, 2022 Admin 0 Comments

If you are looking to spruce up your silhouette effortlessly and bedazzle everyone with your style game at the beach, then a sarong can help you achieve this feat! Gone are the days when beachwear was restricted to a simple bikini set or a one-piece swimsuit. Today, beachwear fashion is more diverse and if you're someone who loves to experiment with their style, then a sarong is a must-have in your closet!

Sarong is a fashion Godsend for people who love to stay on the beach! All thanks to a sarong, you no longer need to rely on your old beachwear to turn some heads at the beach! So, if you want to find out which sarong style will suit you the best, then be sure to read till the end of this article! 

7 Different Sarong Styles To Make a Statement at the Beach

1. The Side Knot

You can't go wrong with the slim and sexy classic sarong side knot at the beach! The best thing about this sarong style is that it's easy to tie and if this is your first time wearing a sarong, you'll also feel super comfortable in it! First and foremost, take your sarong and fold it in half. Then take the folded sarong and wrap it around your waist. Try and wrap the skirt a little below your belly button for an added oomph. Once this is done try the loose ends of the sarong together and you'll be golden! 


2. The Long Skirt

The Side Knot sarong is also regarded as the short skirt beachwear style. But, if you're looking for a more elegant look for the beach, then you can try out the long sarong skirt style. First, take your gorgeous sarong and hold it horizontally near your waist and your back. Then bring the loose ends to the front and tie them into a knot at the front. Next, move the knot to the side to make it look like a gorgeous long skirt with a flowy thigh slit. 


3. The Halter Style 

Want a dapper sarong style to rock at the beach? Try the front-open halter neck style. For that peekaboo effect that you desire, place the sarong horizontally around your back. Then bring the loose ends of the sarong to the front and put the ends to the opposite side of your neck. Finally, tie the sarong ends along the nape of your neck and enjoy! 


4. The Dressing Gown

The dressing gown is also known as the bathrobe style and is the perfect sarong style for creating a chic beach look. Start by wrapping the sarong along the length of your back and then bring the loose ends to the front of your body by encircling them around your underarms. Next, tie the loose tips together and take the tied knot to the back of your head. To further accentuate your look, you can try and tie an elegant belt around your waist! 


5. The Brazilian Dress

The Brazilian dress style is fun, feminine, and flirtatious! To create that perfect effortless beach look, hold your chosen sarong horizontally along your stomach and pull both the ends to the back of your waist. Next, tie these loose ends to the nape of your neck and then gather the dress along your waist. 


6. The Kimono Style 

Kimonos are the epitome of grace and elegance. To create a fabulous kimono look out of your sarong, wrap the sarong along your body just like you'd do with a shawl. Then hold the loose ends of the sarong in your hands and tie them around your wrist. This will create a look of faux sleeves. The longer you tie a sarong around your wrists, the better. 


7. The Bandeau Style 

A romantic bandeau sarong style is perfect for roaming on the beach along with your partner! To ace this style, hold the sarong horizontally and wrap it around your waist just like you'd do with a towel. Then bring the sarong to the front of your body and tie the loose ends in the form of a bow at the front. Gather the remaining fabric and tuck it on either side of the body. 


Lightweight, gorgeous, and easy to lounge in - if these are the characteristics you desire in your beachwear, then buy a sarong today!

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