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Tote Bag & Best Ways To Style It Like a Pro

Nov 18, 2022 Admin 0 Comments

Totes came from the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. They were known as "süllü" or "sultan's bag." Sultans, governors, and officials carried them to display their status. Natzon Mutlu designed the first tote bag for an Indian queen in 1894. It was made of cowhide and was painted with different flowers and birds. It was called "Queen's Hand Bag" because men similarly carried these bags, hanging them on their shoulders.

A few decades later, Louis Vuitton began making tote bags and other handbags with different designs and designs of European royalty during the 1900s.

Tote Bag designs have grown into many different styles and shapes. The main design types are shoulder, cross-body, messenger style, and tote bags with straps. There are many thin and thin straps and padded straps for comfort. As you can tell from the wide variety of designs, there is something for everyone regarding what type of look you are going for. Tote bags were first popular with women and then became popular with both men and women. 

So, let us offer you some insight into the great fashion accessory called the tote bag and the best ways of styling it to look great. 

7 Ways to Style Your Tote Bag Like Pro 

Check out the seven simple yet elegant ways for styling your tote bag according to different fashion trends. 

1. Office Chic

When you carry a tote bag at work, you are sending off signals showing that you are a true pro: how your peers will look at you and ask what type of bag it is. It also says that you are fashionable, a trendsetter, and perhaps even a rebel.

Nothing is as classy as carrying one or two bags over the shoulder; it adds to your overall style. You would get all sorts of attention when carrying this bag with any outfit; do not be surprised if people want to know where they can buy one like yours. The best part about this style is that it works for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

2. Casual

Carrying a tote bag on your shoulder keeps it casual and relaxed. Find a long enough strap to sling the bag over your shoulder or at least long enough to carry it like an accessory. A good look is the tote bag in black and tan or brown, but there are plenty of other colors if you want something different. The shoulder part of the bag can have a chain or leather string attached; this adds to the style and makes it easier to pull off the look.

Tote bags that use muted shades look chic and modern; they are ideal for spring and fall. Since this tote bag does not stand out much with its color, you can pair it with casual outfits that use the same color. It will make your look more cohesive and not too loud or flashy.

3. Street Wear

It is an edgy look; it is all about being yourself. You can carry your favorite tote bag in this style or make your own by applying patches and badges; you could even paint the bag with artwork representing who you are. Some people have their bags tattooed, while others have their names written all over them using a marker, paint, or even a permanent marker.

This tote bag is one of the best types of street-style fashion. This type of fashion is about being unique and different from others. So, carrying this bag adds so much to your overall appearance.

4. Bohemian Chic

The tote bag is a beautiful addition to your casual outfits. It can be worn as a single item, but you do not have to. If your look is more bohemian, it can be worn with other accessories such as a scarf, shades, necklace, and watch. There is nothing better than combining traditional bags with bohemian accessories for the perfect look. It will help you achieve that stylish yet comfortable look that is perfect for spring and summer.

For example, if you wear a dark blue denim shirt, add some gold accessories and go with the shoulder bag in brown or black as an accent piece. The brown bag can be slung casually over the shoulder, and the blue shirt can fit in the top pocket. The straps of the backpack are long enough so that you will not get into any trouble when wearing it this way. If you have your style and know what will work best for you, remember that every woman has her unique style; what looks appropriate for one individual may not be suitable for another. You should always give yourself a day or two to try out your look to see if it works well with what you are wearing.

5. Minimalist

The tote bag is an excellent choice for those with a minimalist look. The bag itself can symbolize your appearance; therefore, it can be worn with other items as long as they do not compete. For example, you can trade in the shoes you used to wear every day and go with sneakers instead. Or, you could use a different purse and carry your keys differently; the choice is yours.

To ensure that the bag will not compete with your outfit, carry it in different ways, such as slung over one shoulder or held on both sides of the body like a cross-body bag or a handbag. You can also carry it in different ways so that its length is extra, which will maintain your overall look.

6. Athleisure

The tote is an excellent choice for athleisure, looking to put on an effortless yet stylish look. The bag can be worn alone or combined with another accessory; you can use the same beige top and wear the shoulder bag on a leather strap as an accent item.

For example, you can carry a light beige fabric T-shirt and wear your shoulder bag on one side of your body, which would work well with any outfit. You could opt for a darker black for a more formal look for your athleisure style.

7. Summer Style  

It is an ideal bag for summer and spring since it can be carried with almost any outfit. The shoulder strap is long enough so that you do not have any discomfort if you choose to wear it in this manner.

You could opt for a light color, such as mint green, which would work well with almost anything. You could also choose the same color for the bag and the shoes you wear if that is what you feel like doing. Despite minor differences between your outfit and your bag, they all go well together.


The tote bag is a timeless fashion accessory. It does not grow old like other items that are used daily; it just keeps getting better with age. It means that you get to save money, especially if you are the type of person who likes shopping for vintage and retro items.

Since there are so many different types of a tote bag and the best ways to style it, you can accessorize any look based on your preferences. Unlike other bags, this accessory has a lot of room for storage, so you can carry pretty much anything in it that fits your needs, making it a useful on-the-go fashion accessory for an excellent everyday style. 

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